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 Gold Shop Update - Major update - Live

Game version 1.1

Updated Gold Shop GUI

Gold Shop first page is now a basic item build for each hero New Items: 

  • Mimorian - Places a beacon on the ground that illuminates nearby enemies- within a 20 block radius 
  • Ring of Gyges - Makes the owner invulnerable to punches, while forbidding himself- to beat for 4 sec
  • Megingjörð - Increases magic resistance- by 15%
  • Gramr - Increases magic damage by 10%

Old items:

  • Gold boosts nerfed
  • Gold boosts and XP boosts icons changed
  • Some names changed

Regenerate frequency increased + Regenerate items rebalanced
When you attack the tower it silences you
XP shop GUI slightly updated


  • Added holograms for displaying tower health points
  • Added holograms above mobs spawns to indicate how much time is left until the next spawn 

Other changes: 

  • Players from different matches can't see each other on a Tab screen
  • To sell an item, you now need to double-click the Q button 

Minor map changes:

  • Red team jungle biome changed (grass and leaves affected)
  • Some arena blocking stairs were removed
  • Jumping plates added

Minor bugs fixed