Our News, plans, and ideas

We are happy to announce that we ready to release our game!

The game isn't perfect yet, but the main features are ready

  • 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 matches ⚔️ Note: 1v1 match ends when one of the players dies 6 times
  • A large part of the game has been translated. Use /lang 🌐
  • Security improved for both Server system and Database 🛡️
  • Now we have a daily quest system (/DQ while in your PS). Rewards for daily quests are special daily chests
  • Spectators system 👻
  • We ordered a logo design from a Caroliaa Studio
  • Rank system, that consist of [Newbee], [Warrior] for all players; [Twitch], [YouTube] for creators; [Hersir] and [Jarl] for subscribers
  • We set up monetization, so now we can advertise our game without risks
  • Lots of new Shopkeeper blocks
  • Behavior system

This day has come so unexpectedly, and now we're finding the best ways to advertise the server.

Considering you have read up to this point you might want to help us out. Spreading the word about the server is the easiest way to assist us, let's build a big and friendly community together!