After connecting to the server

You need to pass the tutorial to gain access to the full game with other players.


 Before the match, the hero selection screen will open for you

  Immediately from the start, 11 of the 12 heroes are available. But those that are highlighted by default are considered easy to learn. If you want to choose a different hero, switch the filters at the bottom of the hero selection screen.
  You have 45 seconds to choose your hero. I recommend taking a warrior if you want to familiarize yourself with the basic moments of the game, an archer if you like dynamic fights at long distances, or a tank if you like the front lane battles.

 Starting Gold and Experience

At the start of the game, you are given experience and gold to buy basic items and upgrade your starting abilities.


 Level up spells

   From the starting experience, you can get at least 1 basic spell. Typically the first 3 ones are basic and the last one is Ultimate ability. To learn them, use the last item in your inventory

 Starting Gold

 It is advisable to purchase starting items using provided gold, this will help you survive at the beginning of the game.
 The first screen of the store is a guide that is unique to the hero you selected. 
 The top line holds consumables. In the middle - Recommended items from left to right. The bottom line is items that may be needed in special game situations.



 When the match starts, mobs will instantly appear on the map

Your farming speed is the key to victory, Items from Gold shop and Levelled up spells will make you stronger than the opponent, and you can easily destroy his base. 
  The more you play Mobs And Thrones the more you'll be stronger in moving between spots and farming them.  

 At the start of the game, you should try to farm zombies on your castle

They are easy to kill and still provide a lot of gold and experience.




 When you become strong enough, you can try to destroy the enemy structures 

 In 1v1 and 2v2 modes, the demolition of the opponent's central tower ends the game with your victory. In classic mode, you need to demolish 2 towers on the enemy's fortresses and the throne, which is possible only if you are stronger than your opponent.


 After the match ends

 You will be teleported to the celebration hall, where you can discuss the match with your team and opponents and check your Hero Progress.
 To return to spawn, use the green bed in your inventory or the /hub command