What is 

Mobs And Thrones?

It's a Battle Arena build inside Minecraft, so you can enjoy a real multiplayer online strategy game without downloading and installing anything extra

 Choose your class 


Warriors are the backbone of the team and the most versatile class. 
They have great potential, but in order to open up they need experience and objects. 


Tanks are the stronghold of the team. 
They have a lot of health, and their abilities help them survive in any situation.


Wizards are the support of the team. 

They are capable of both preparing an attack and saving allies from death. 


Scouts are the eyes and ears of the team. 
Very mobile and versatile heroes. 


The throne is the heart of your base

The enemy also has a throne - destroy it to win the game

The enemy throne is located at the base of the opponent and is no different from yours

Destroy their throne to win


To get to the enemy throne, your team needs to destroy two towers at the enemy base. 

But this is not easy to do, because the opponent is not asleep and will defend his base to the end. 

To gain an advantage, you must power up your hero


Towers deal damage and knockback all heroes within the attack radius. 

Each blow to the tower deals damage to it, but for the next 3 seconds, it becomes invulnerable. 

You won't be able to destroy the tower quickly, so get ready for battle! 


 A rune appears in the Shrine every minute.

Pick up runes so that the whole team gets gold and experience. 

The enemy will want to steal the runes from you, so be careful! 



They are located on the fortress in the triple spot.

Zombies are the most profitable mobs on the map.



Skeletons are located in the safe spots near the base.

They are not very profitable and not dangerous.


Strays are located in the middle spot.

Moderately dangerous and moderately profitable.



They are located in a quite dangerous spot near the middle.

Witches are very profitable, but not all heroes are able to cope with them.


They are located in a quite dangerous spot near the middle.

Moderately dangerous and moderately profitable.


They are located in a safe spot.

Very dangerous mobs, but the reward for them is great.



Fornjótr is the most powerful creature on the map. You can kill him only at night, and it will not be easy. But the reward is worth it! 


Snair leads a large army of draugars and attacks with deadly traps. Only the strongest heroes will be able to cope with it. 


Earn Gold

Gold is an in-game currency that you can use to buy items for your hero. You get gold for killing heroes, neutral mobs, destroying towers, and picking up runes. 

Buy Items

Each team has a store at the base. Here you can spend the earned gold on items. Items increase the effectiveness of your hero - increase defense, enhance attacks, or add unique skills. 


Earn Exprerience

When a hero earns a certain amount of experience, his level rises, allowing him to improve his skills. You get experience for killing heroes, neutral mobs, destroying towers, and picking up runes. 


Each hero has 4 unique abilities and a class ability - increase the level to pump skills and become stronger. There are passive abilities - they act constantly and active ones - they act only when using the ability. Items also add abilities. Learn, experiment, act - and lead your team to victory.  


Classic mode

You need to destroy two towers on the enemy's base and then destroy the Throne

1 vs 1

In 1 vs 1, your objective is to destroy enemy's middle tower or kill enemy 6 times