Mobs and Thrones

Minecraft MOBA server

Lots of fun

3 vs 3 players battles on a great gaming map, more than 10 heroes with unique spells, 30+ items,
 wide and fun in-game economy. That's all for free! 

New Minecraft experience

The game is on 100% custom code, with no third-party plugins, so we have full control over the in-game balance. Also, this will let us ship cool game updates regularly.

Easy to start

We are trying to make a game that is easy to learn and difficult to master. Our tutorials will help you to understand all core principles, but if you will have questions, feel free to ask us on Discord.

Watch the trailer on YouTube!

How to play?

In Minecraft version 1.12-1.19, add a server:

Preferable version: 1.16.5